News Results October 3rd, 2020

SOULCALIBUR Online Challenge Japan Results: Yuttoto Wins!

The SOULCALIBUR Online Challenge for Japan, held October 3rd, is now over and we have the top 8 results! Yuttoto, using Voldo and Mitsurugi as his main characters, has won the Grand Finals and earned a first place finish! Jashin took second place using Hilde and Nunumid finished third place using Seong Mi-Na. Congratulations to Yuttoto for the first place finish! Here are the SOULCALIBUR Online Challenge Japan Results for top 8.

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SOULCALIBUR Online Challenge Japan Results Top 8 Results

1stYuttotoVoldo, Mitsurugi
3rdNunumidSeong Mi-Na
4thNeko OyogiXianghua
5thSaturday NasukaTalim