News January 24th, 2020

Soul Calibur VI World Tour Official Schedule

The Stage of History has been set for an entire action-packed season of competitive fighting games as the 2020 Soul Calibur VI World Tour kicks off with a bang!

As announced at EVO Japan, the SCVI World Tour will encompass a total of 11 Events across the globe, challenging players to take their skills to the next level against fellow fighters.

However, not every competition is created equal, with varying amounts of points being awarded depending on an Event’s category.

Three Event types exist within the 2020 SCVI: Critical Edge Events, Edge Master Events, and Edge Master + Events. Edge Master + Events award the greatest amount of points per top 25 placements, with points distribution decreasing from Edge Master to Critical Edge Events, as shown in the graphic below:

SOULCALIBUR World Tour points structure

Beginning at EVO Japan, the 2020 SCVI World Tour features stops at established fighting game tournaments around the world, from Final Round in Atlanta, Georgia to the highly-esteemed Combo Breaker and even the United Kingdom’s ever-exciting VS Fighting.

The SCVI World Tour will conclude with a Last-Chance qualifier, giving players one final opportunity at fame and glory — as well as the chance to show their strength at the Finals to finish out the season against Soul Calibur VI’s top talent.

Below are listed the announced locations and dates for Events on this season’s SCVI World Tour, with more announcements to come:

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The Soul Calibur VI World Tour may be fresh off the starting block, but the Soul still burns. Who will emerge the ultimate champion on the Stage of History? Only time will tell, and it is quickly ticking down to the next Critical Edge event at Final Round on March 20!