News April 3rd, 2020

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Updates Global Tournament Schedules for the SOULCALIBUR World Tour

In a continuing effort to safeguard the health and safety of our SOULCALIBUR tournament competitors, live audience members, and event staff from the reaches of Coronavirus (Covid-19), BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment is making the following global schedule adjustments to the SOULCALIBUR World Tour:

SOULCALIBUR World Tour 2020 Schedule Adjustments

Event Name Original Event Date Event Location Event Type Event Status
Combo Breaker May 22-24 Schaumburg, USA Edge Master Removed from tour until further notice
Battle Arena Melbourne May 29-31 Melbourne, Australia Critical Edge Removed from tour until further notice

Due to the highly dynamic nature surrounding Coronavirus (Covid-19), BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment will provide further updates to the SOULCALIBUR World Tour as they develop.

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment is committed to delivering the best and safest tournament experiences possible in support of both the fighting games community and the greater esports community. We want to thank our competitors, fans, and event teams around the globe for their patience, understanding, and perseverance as we combine our efforts to fight Covid-19 together.

*Note: The event status details shared above pertain specifically to SOULCALIBUR VI’s participation within each listed event. Overarching status and or viability for listed events is determined by each individual tour organizer.

Thank you all and stay safe.